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National Future Day 2021

A look into the working world. students accompany their parents through their everyday working life. We would like to welcome Ida, Alain and Atilla to today's Future Day at Imoberdorf AG. We wish you a great day!






imo-smart time-lapse


Some information about this imo-smart rotary transfer machine:

- This imo-smart has 15 CNC stations and weighs about 10 tons

- For the assembling process over 7'300 screws were used

- Thousands of components were installed by 7 qualified employees

- More than 2'500 meters of cable were used

- Over 320 working hours were needed

- This imo-smart consumes about 25 kWh

- The cycle-time is about 3 seconds

- Only 20 watts are needed to machine a workpiece. Amazing!