Our latest machine, the imo-flex, offers maximum flexibility coupled with high productivity for small and medium batch sizes. The kinematics are the same as on our rotary transfer machines, which means that the entire process experience can be transferred 1 to 1. With up to 3 machining stations and a 10-station tool changer above each unit and an optional 50-station chain changer, the imo-flex offers space for up to 80 tools.

The imo-flex is designed to be extremely space-saving and the interfaces are designed to allow flexible linking of several machines. This means that additional units or infeeds and outfeeds can be used several times. Efficient and ecological production can thus be lived!

The repeatability is ± 0.003 millimetres, which makes the imo-flex one of the most precise series production machines in the world.
The parts can be fed either from a load handling system or a robot!

On request, we can supply not only the machine, but also the complete process mapping*!

*includes e.g.: Operation plans per machining station, cost-optimised tool designs or even initial equipment with all cutting tools and holders, parts programming, preliminary and final acceptance of the complete system

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