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Your rotary transfer machine – our solutions

At the centre of each rotary transfer system manufactured by Imoberdorf are the needs of the customer. They dictate the required parameters with regard to precision, flexibility and productivity, everything else is handled by Imoberdorf.

Our expertise includes all steps from the initial concept, through implementation, up to construction and commissioning of your rotary transfer system.

You obtain a complete solution from a single source.

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We elaborate on your specifications in a standardised process using cutting force and cycle time calculations, simulations and CAD/CAM to draft a production concept that provides an optimal machining process.


Whether it involves electrical engineering, software, simulations or FEM − our experts proficiently transform ideas into a reliable, cost-effective and flexible solution.


Our rotary transfer systems are meticulously built, with quality being our main priority. As such, only premium components are installed.

Customer training

in order to allow you to optimally use your rotary transfer system, we will support you with user training and production assistance.


Following a successful inspection with the customer, the Imoberdorf system is delivered to the desired location and subsequently commissioned by our application engineers. User training sessions and support during production ensure optimal utilisation.


A high level of availability and value retention is assured over the long-term through preventative machine maintenance carried out by our specialists.

Spare parts

The degree of standardisation guarantees a 90-percent-plus availability of parts for Imoberdorf systems (also applies to short-time repairs).


During a revision, Imoberdorf specialists revamp existing machines on site by replacing wearing parts, carrying out modifications to increase functionality and ensuring that the system retains its value.


Within the scope of a total retrofit, your machine is completely dismantled and fitted with the latest technology at Imoberdorf. This offers a considerable increase in performance at a significantly lower cost and with a shorter delivery period in comparison to the acquisition of a new machine.


Seminars tailored to your needs ensure the efficient operation and correct servicing of imo machinery. In addition, our help desk will provide expert immediate assistance if you have any questions or other issues.

Engineering services

our team of engineering experts stands ready to answer your technical questions. Whether we use our know-how to help optimise your system or to evaluate the ideal production solution, we will work on your request competently and in a solution-oriented manner.

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