The imo-space offers, as the name implies, a very large workspace. There is room for up to 20 machining stations with up to 45 or more spindles - the production potential is enormous.

The stations are equipped with our up to 4-axis machining units. A wide variety of spindle configurations (vertical/horizontal, parallel, shifted), tool changers, (pneumatic) plug gauges, 3D measuring probes are available. Complemented with our standard clamping systems, a wide range of proven technology modules is created. The software modules that we have been developing in-house for decades round off our competence as a machine builder.

The repeatability is ± 0.003 millimetres, which makes the imo-compact one of the most precise rotary transfer machines in the world.
The parts can be fed from the bar, by load handling, robot or manually!

On request, we can supply not only the machine, but also the complete process mapping*!

*includes e.g.: Operation plans per machining station, cost-optimised tool designs or even initial equipment with all cutting tools and holders, parts programming, preliminary and final acceptance of the complete system
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